Utah vs The Dancing Trees

Did the Utes forget to board the bus?


Pathetic first quarter. Stanford is playing hard. Utah doesn’t seem to care about staying in contention for a conference title. And Rising looks awful. What’s up?

CPIII I think is fo sho. Plan since he signed

They mentioned that Cam got his degree last year in psychology. He may be thinking about being done regardless of his NFL draft prospects.

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Is ESPN on a replay limit?

Also, why is Stanford so whiny?

What a terrible no call on the blatant hold/PI in the end zone.

ESPN is so in love with Stanford they don’t say a word about it

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Utah had been come out smoking in the second half. With the time of possession, total plays, total yardage, and first downs advantage they had in the first half, to be up only 14-7 is inexcusable.

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So, that’s PI, but the inside the shoulder pads of Kincaid isn’t?

Let’s just win the game witout injuries or piss-poor performance.


Utes on our third string center

Stanford has 4 total yards rushing right now.

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This is vintage Tavion.

No doubt, he sees the hole and slams it.

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Tavion now has 357 yards rushing in two games against Stanford

I would be surprised if that wasn’t a stop. We should be getting the ball to snap twice and end this.

I hate to say this, but that stupid opening loss to Florida is a killer right now. Oh well, hopefully Utah can continue its mastery of the Ducks. Going to be a really tough next Saturday. Oregon will be angry and wanting revenge. Plus, the Ducks are coming off a loss.

It was nice to see Utah shake off a poor first quarter and get the convincing win. The third quarter was a thing a beauty.

Phillips is ready for the next level now, I think Rising needs some more seasoning, but yes they are losing a boatload of talent

I counted:

1 QB
3 TE
2 WR
2 RB
1 OL
1 LB
2 DB

And I know I missed several

You also have to remember, the Covid year means these guys are really a year further age wise.

Rising has been in college for 5 years for example.

One good thing is not too many lineman. Nate Johnson is looking more and more like the real deal. We can probably get some transfer portal guys to fill in a few gaps. RB is pretty deep (Curry said he’ll return, JJ, Glover, let’s see if Vincent develops). On offense, Ludwig will build around personnel.

Still think there is a drop-off. Will have to see the team, but still could be 8 or 9 win team. Worse with injuries, better with some magic.