Utah vs. Sam Houston State tonight

Sam Houston’s mascot is the Bearkats

Its not located in Houston, but in Huntsville, TX

Dan Rather is an alum

They beat Oklahoma earlier this year and are 3-0

Utah is favored by 10

Utes are struggling down 16-8

Ouch, so far.

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Came back from 13 down to within 4 at the half

Whether we win or lose, this is great defensive pressure to play against.


Last time Utah led was 3-2

Lazar showing some moxy on both ends. Saunders appearing to be coming into his own.

Too sloppy, that can be cleaned up. This is like spring training.

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So many mistakes, so many defensive rebounds missed… still right in it, great opportunity to grab a victory.

Great scheduling - this WAC team is athletic and relentless.

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this one is maddening. If Utah can ever get the lead, I think they could go on a small run and pull it out

Based on stats, If only we had decent free-throw shooting, we’d be leading.

This is a great battle. We either find a way to win, or taste the bitter taste of a loss that coulda/shoulda been a win, get pissed and get stronger.

Have to pay the price. Either way, this is a step forward. We’re going to be a late developing team, the program is still building an identity.

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This is ugly basketball. We are not going to be very good.

Thats game

They’re going to be disgusted in the film room. They should.

Team loss, didn’t capitalize. Could have, but didn’t.

Regroup, recommit, fix the problems, come back ready to compete. I didn’t see a complete mismatch, I saw a crapload of errors and not playing sound hoops.

We’re not even in December. This team will get better, unless there’s some deep chemistry problem, which I don’t see any indication exists.

Gotta remember this team beat OU, so this isn’t garbage ball. The opponent is athletic & physically imposing, and they play hard. This is part of the process. This is like a humbling scrimmage in fall camp (for either the offense or defense). Part of the process.


There is very little talent on this team.

So preseason had the Bearcats as the 8th best team in the WAC? Doubt that, but boy did we stink up the joint tonight. Harlan looked pissed — out the door in about two seconds flat.

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Harlan needs to sell tickets and attract eyeballs. I get it.

But the dish isn’t ready to come out of the oven. They’re working on it.

For this team, nobody will give a rat’s arse what happened in November. For Ute fans world overall, the football team is providing some cover for these guys to get their act together. Small sample, but it seems like the ingredients can amount to an NIT bid, if they play hard and stick together.

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When your team sucks, you run promotions to put butts in seats anyway. Baseball is famous for its stupid, but effective marketing strategies to get people to games. A big part of making it work is advertising.

Winning sells on its own. Less than winning needs other things to “sell.”

Whoever is running the department’s marketing program needs to get off their arse, put together a plan, and execute the plan.

Make the game a part of the experience and folks will attend. Make the game THE Experience, and you better be winning it all. Anything less and your team will be playing in front of 5 fans and a whole lot of crickets.

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I don’t think there were more than 15 students at the game. Been true every game so far this season. That’s 15 out of 35k students.

Was thinking maybe Harlan was out the door to get to Oregon.

But that really was bad basketball yesterday.

It’s okay, after yesterday afternoon’s Crimson Club NIL presentation I’m pissed at Harlan and at a few other things.

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