Utah vs Oregon State breakdown

Only a couple of negatives to take away from the Oregon State game
Utah gave up a big play run (14+ yards) for the first time since week 2.
It was a 16 yard run on 3rd and 25.
Also, Utah allowed 64 plays from the Beavs. Season average is 56.7 allowed
Mostly because Utah was scoring so fast. I’m actually surprised Utah won the TOP. It felt like the OSU offense was on the field the entire game. This was the first time all season Utah ran less plays than their opponent, which means nothing since Utah won by 45.

Utah was only 52.4% on positive (4+ yards) rushing. Season low. Season average is 56.5% 22 positive runs on 42 attempts. Also, Utah had 20 non-positive rushing (3 or less yards) for 47.6%, the converse of the first issue. 3 times Utah has had 20 rushing attempts of 3 or less yards.

Lastly, OSU had 12 possessions. Tied a season high with USC for Utah opponent. OSU threw the ball 24 more times than Utah, (season high) and Utah has only thrown the ball more than their opponent once, Idaho State +3.

Utah was +8 in turnovers (I count punts, turnover on downs, missed FG…anything that doesn’t result in a score as a turnover). Season high by far. Utah was +5 vs Idaho State. 11 out of 12 possessions for Oregon State resulted in a turnover. Idaho St was 10/11. Utah on the other hand only had 3 turnovers on 13 possessions, both season bests.

Utah had 38.9% of their passes go for 14+ yards, season high. 7 big pass plays on 18 passes. Utah only had 4 passing plays less than 4 yards. All 4 were incomplete passes.

Oregon State only had 6 rushes over 4 yards (including the 16 yard rush). Season low of 27.3% of all rushes. Utah has been allowing 37.7% of all rushing attempts to go for positive yards.

Utah has still not allowed 100 yards rushing as a team.

Total yards for the season
Utah 2804
Opponents 1629

  • avg of 195.8 more per game

Here is Hans Olsen’‘s breakdown of the OSU game video. He always does a good job.



I like Hans little pointer finger. His chubby fingers kept getting in the way

Not bad, considering OSU HAD one of the best 3rd down conversion rates of the nation before that game.