Utah vs. Mississippi St. tonight 6:30 FS1

Bulldogs are 5-0 after beating Marquette on Monday. They are favored by 5 tonight.

Yesterday, Sam Houston crushed Northern ILL. Still too early to tell how good this team is but they still havent lost.

Win or lose, hoping Utah shows well tonight.

6 points and 6 Ute turnovers … sigh

MSU is all that on the D end. Really quick. Given the Utes’ propensity to hand the ball over its amazing it’s only a 4 pt game at the 12 min TO.

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Even though statistically we’re kinda middle of the road in NCAA turnovers, I feel like we’re just a turnover machine. Frustrating

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No easy offense or open looks, MSU’s defense is good.

Not sure I’ve ever felt relieved to be where we are after only scoring 21 in the half. Hanging in there with a pretty good team.

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Nice run! Good to see them battle so hard.

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not eating taquitos Utah -4

eating taquitos Utah +6


If you’d have told me we’d be up 5 this late with Branden not scoring I would have never believed you. Team is playing tough.

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Ugh, wide open three’s just cant hit them

Chances, chances, chances. There’s some glimmers of hope but just too many missed looks down the stretch.

I will say Kieta looks to have a huge ceiling. Saunders - not helping much at this point. Get Braden Carlson out of the scoring funk, 40+ minutes without a point now?, and that will help a ton.

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They can never take away our Fort Meyer tip off runner up championship


Shooting. Too many good looks simply didn’t drop. Madsen was ice cold today after shooting much better in the previous games.

Kids played hard and didn’t quit. They gave themselves a chance. Hopefully we learned from this one. On to the next game. After that one the conference grind begins…



The Oregon State XFR Davis was the difference - our D needs to tighten up, but if Branden can find even a couple of buckets and Davis is just excellent instead of unconscious, we would have won.

Still in November against a team that’s more physical & athletic than Sam Houston, and relentless defensively… our team’s getting better, it’s apparent.

This will really date me, but Keita reminds me of Mike Sojourner, who had similar dimensions and became an inside monster. If we had to play MSU again, I’d think about Keita at the 5 and Branden at the 4 - ala Olajawon and Ralph Sampson - let Branden stretch out the D with his shooting and be opportunistic inside. (Keita’s probably not ready for that, but that’s a way to crack a defense that Branden struggled with at the rim.)

It seems to me Saunders and Exacte aren’t lost, they’re just not up to speed in our scheme. Both have high quality preparation, Wasatch & NBA-Latin America. Both have the athleticism to compete at a very high level.

One problem is the rotation is too large, I can see how the coaching staff is trying to find combinations and figure out who might drop out making the rotation 9 instead of 10. But with the portal you can’t ice guys for the next year - gotta play them NOW. Since expectations are low, I’d get Saunders & Exacte into the rotation soon… I think that will happen, and then we’ll be a lot more talented on the court.

Love the kid, but one really good sign this team has progressed over last year is Jaxon Brenchley has no chance of hanging with the new talent.