Utah vs. Hawaii

Hawaii is 5-0

Carlson has started hot, Utes up 12-6

Utes down 27-26, some sloppy play by Utah

39-34 Utes at the half.

Hawaii isn’t going to be the Washington Generals, they came to play, too.

Utes didn’t fold, either. Our size and our experience will make this season interesting.

Whatever injury Exacte has is lingering.

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9 turnovers and many of them simply lazy.

Hawaii is playing an aggressive man to man. They could be called for a foul nearly every time down the floor. Refs are letting them battle. (Insert more coach speak here)

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Utah is showing much better this second half.

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can’t completely put Hawaii away

3 turnovers in 2nd half!


Saw the Trib tweeted an article about the game.

It was the AP story.

They didn’t send a reporter across the street to cover the game.