Utah vs Florida post-game thoughts

A win is a win is a win. From a Utah perspective, the first half was great. The second half reminded me a lot of early PAC 12 games. Get a lead and then play defense and wait for the time to run out.

I was surprised at the number of starters unable to play. Rising and Kuithe were known going in, but both starting DT’s (Pepa and Tafuna), 1 DE (O’Toole) and another ( Fillinger) severely limited because of an illness. Then Karene Reid leaves the game in the first series with either a head or shoulder injury.

Surprised at the inability to run the ball with any consistency.

I don’t mind two QB’s, but I don’t like to see changes made during series and based on down and distance. I don’t think it gives either QB a chance to get into a rhythm.

The kicking game is greatly improved, which will be important in at least a game or two this season.

You cannot get any better this time of the year than 1-0, so cheers to the Utes.


Agree as usual.

UF wanted to force our QB2s to throw it, stacked the box + they’re quick & athletic. We tried to counter with a two TE set, but when a talented D knows what’s coming, they can stop it. Hopefully the OL continues to gel and the run game evolves more.

I agree, but in this game seems like we wanted to 1) get the win, and 2) give these two some success to build from. I like the way NJ got put back in the game after a couple of miscues. In years past, that’s a ticket to the pine.

Last night Whitt mentioned “the last person I’m going to micro-manage is Andy Ludwig”, so that’s a good thing.

Next week is a different game, but I doubt Baylor’s D will be as talented… but it’s at their place, we have to get back in the groove after an emotional win, etc.


I’d like to see more throws to the TE’s more. I’d like to see them use Johnson for run first/pass 2nd plays.
Once we get some of the starters back we’re going to get really good. But our D did great when needed. And what a great opportunity to get 2’s and 3’s significant playing time! How about Sione Fotu, Ellis and Fano?!!! We are stacked!

Can’t wait to see Tafuna, Pepa and Fillinger at 100%. Hopefully they can do without Rising until conference play. He needs as much time as possible to heal.


Question…how’s our pass D?

I watched only the game highlights.

These are my two biggest complaints about the game. I absolutely hate when Utah goes into the “play not to lose mode” with a defense that gives up yards (and points) and an offense that can’t move the chains. I did not like that the QB’s switched mid series. Both of these are on the coaches.

My only other concern is that Utah’s pass coverage seemed pretty poor overall.


We held them to 42 yards of rushing (not counting sack yardage), so they went to the air. Mertz had his first 300 yard game, threw the ball 44 times, got sacked 5 times.

Mertz was not good in the first half and took advantage of Utah playing a soft defense in the second half after taking a 24-3 lead.

Florida Football: Quick reactions to Gators’ opening loss at Utah Utes (usatoday.com)


Did we start going soft on 3rd?


Well they were 1-13 on third down so think the D did ok. :wink:


I know they did. Was specifically asking about the passing D and trying to get some context. Data often don’t tell the whole story.

Florida completed a couple of long balls that were well covered but the pass and catch were great, particularly the touchdown pass. That defender was in great position and the receiver made a fantastic catch. There was at least 1 long pass where the receiver ran an out and up and the defender broke on the out.

My impression is that the defense softened their coverage in the 2nd half and that allowed Florida to complete a number of screens.


Speaks for itself


Well, there goes the 53,609 attendance record for the game versus USC that I attended on 10/15/2022, last night upping it to 53,644.

I love The MUSS. You can’t believe how today’s student section compares to when I attended the U in the mid 70’s.


Ours in the late 1980’s was a drunken social club. We brought drinks in bota bags or wine in a box mylar bags with cup under our coats / jackets. In the case of the Mylar bags, after they were emptied we blew them up and used them for beach balls. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Anyone know why JaQuindon Jackson was limited in carries? Only 5 for the game, and I don’t remember seeing him in the 2nd half. Was there an injury I didn’t notice?

I saw JaQuindon limp off the field at one point, never to return to the game.

Someone needs to tell them which side of the banner faces up next time. :wink:

Was disappointed in Glover. Seems the only thing he can do is run straight forward and he always goes down on first contact. I keep hoping we’ll see flashes of better things from him…


Hope this dude is going to be ok. He makes me happy.


Here’s an interesting post from something called Swamp News. It’s not surprising. coming from such a source, and to me it is a reminder that in a way, our win against Florida was typical of a first-of-the-season Utah game. It wasn’t perfect, we didn’t play as well as we could have–but still won convincingly. He also says nothing about a half-dozen Utah starters who didn’t play. I wonder what he means by “a weird environment”? 53.000 loud fans? Playing a non-conference game outside of Florida for the first time since 1991?

We left a win in Utah last night. No doubt about it, Billy Napier feels the same way.

3 plays ultimatley cost us what ws actually a BRILLANT offensive night for Mertz, Caleb Douglas, Pearsall, Tre Wilson (as a WR) and how about Odom stepping up…

I’ll cover this tonight in the live stream.

I won’t tolerate the fire Billy comments and posts. It’s not happening, I won’t allow it and you don’t belong here if that’s your only contribution. Make your points without being toxic. Your opinions are welcomed, but constructively.

It was a road game out west in high altitude in a weird environment AGAINST THE 2 TIME DEFENDING PAC 12 CHAMPS. Let’s show Utah some respect and let’s move forward.



Napier’s feeling the heat, hence they’re providing an example of Majerus’ adage about statistics: they conceal as much as they reveal.

The game plans changed dramatically in the 3rd Quarter on Vaki’s interception, leading to Barnes’ second TD.

24-3 with no run game established meant we’d let them throw, keep it in front of us. Of course they had more first downs, and eventually Mertz got into a pretty good throw game, his first 300 yard effort. (If you want to blame anyone for us losing the first down battle, blame Barnes and Parks.)

After their TD it might have become interesting, but Sack Lake City showed up.

There are a few ways the game could have been more of the slugfest that we expected: 70 yarder was quick, they absolutely blew a few opportunities, like the duplicate number mistake.

We would be foolish to think it was a dominating performance. It was just a solid win.