Utah vs CU prediction from

…Allbuffs. There are some funny ones. haha

Looks like La’Vaonte Shenault is no longer with the Buffs.

He’d been suspended off and on through the season, but had been back for the last couple games.

They’re really banged up on D as well.

I know that we’re not going to be very fancy on offense Saturday, but I still think this could get ugly.

Amazing to watch the opposite trajectories of two teams that came into the league at the exact same time.

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The Utes offered Shenault a scholarship before he committed to the Buffs. Any interest in grabbing him now or is he damaged goods?

That was hilarious content. Buffs fan is really reeling.

“Utah will commit murder on National Television.” Classic :joy::joy::joy:


I hope the game is essentially over by halftime, with our Utes up really big. Sit the starters, let the backups get reps.

As one of the Buffs fans said:

"> CUAviator said:

Maybe they’ll be emotionally drained and less focused since they’ve wrapped up the South.
Yeah, that’s what I’m going with.

If I was Whittingham, I would definitely sit Rising and rest that defensive line. You don’t want any unnecessary injuries in a meaningless game. Not before the Pac-12 CG."

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This will be an interesting game… it could be some pretty ugly football. I for damn sure wouldn’t bet any money on this game.

It’s hard to know what shape CU will be in - they might lay it all out trying to end on a W. Or they might fold. My hunch is on the former - FB players are natural competitors, they hate losing in anything.

We’re strongly incentivized to not just keep guys out, but store up for the game in Vegas. (Think as close as you can get to a BYE without actually not playing a game).

Our opponent from the North will have to ball out to even get to Vegas. Serious advantage for us.

At a minimum, Ja’Quindan Jackson will got a lot of snaps, along with Curry. I hope we don’t see Bernard, Kuithe & some others who were hurting last Saturday.

Remember how crappy we started the 2018 game, the worst scheduled rivalry game ever?

The 1’s will play the first half and the first series of the third quarter (if we are well ahead). After the first series, the 2’s and 3’s will get the reps.

That said, as long as the UNLV beat down and whitewashing of Utah is a part of our history, you can’t discount the possibility of a trap game.