Utah vs Cal

Let’s go Utes. Cal is 1-12 on the year. Utes up 10-7 early

Ugly game, Utes shot 0 for 8 from three, but lead the Bears 27-18

If someone could lift the lid on our basket so we can get some shots to drop, that would be just great.

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As someone said earlier, these are the sort of road games we NEED to win! I’ve very happy we appear to be doing so tonight :slight_smile: That said, Cal is not a very good basketball team.

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best thing about being 3-0 in conference is the chance to go 4-0


The guys looked just a little bit off (to be expected in a conference road game), but the statistics show how completely they dominated.

More stats here:

I know this almost certainly won’t hold up throughout the year, but this does look nice nonetheless.

I am trying to decide if this is a test of our interest in the stats, or if LA mistakenly pasted the same image for both the Utes and the bears.

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Now fixed. It was late at night. Sometimes my fingers are too fat to do this sort of thing on an iPhone.

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Next time use your iPad. :wink:

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So, we’re in first place. So far so good.

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It will be interesting to see how long our Utes stay in 1st. It’d be really nice if it were all season, but somehow I doubt that will be the case. Either way, Go Utes!!

I’m already pretty impressed. Still hoping for the NIT.