UTAH v. UT in the Alamo Bowl

According to the Alamo Bowl website. Playing Texas in San Antonio sounds like a road game, it’ll be fun!

I’ll be honest, that does feel better to play Texas than someone like K State.


Sounds like a bunch of folks are disappointed because we aren’t up against a ranked team, but I actually think this is a pretty cool matchup. Hoping we can bring it and lay a beat down on the Horns


Outside of getting into a New Years’ Six bowl (or the CFP, of course), this is a pretty good outcome. It can help with recruiting in Texas. And playing Texas, whose reputation is like Florida State about 10 years out of date, always gets more eyeballs than playing most other P5 teams.

So, it’s not bad.


Texas is both a marquee national name and an attainable win in the correct bowl for us this year. I’m good with it.


Besides, the Utes want some redemption – and the chance to beat Texas, in Texas, gives them an excellent opportunity.


Not my first choice, at least in opponents. Can’t stand the Tea Sips. They’re almost as obnoxious as BYU. So what I hope is that our Utes manhandle those Tea Sips like they have most teams this season.


I went to Utah for undergrad and Texas for grad school. I still cheer for the Utes over Texas any day since undergrad is more exciting.

Texas defense is terrible. After the OU loss, they just never had the fire again. Sam Ehlinger is pretty good but can disappear, mostly with the o-line falls apart. However, Texas has 2 receivers that might be better than the USC ones. They are dangerous so the d-line needs to get to Sam early and often.


I would expect them to be decent, at the very least. Herman is a good coach after all. But I lived in Austin long enough to learn to despise TU. It was like their turds didn’t stink. Anyway, their fans are a better educated version of BYU fans IMO.


“Anyway, their fans are a better educated version of BYU fans…”

That is impossible!

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I’m so excited. Already got my tickets. Can’t wait to spend New Years in San Antonio!! GO UTES!!! Beat the longhorns!


Does anybody know what side of the field is the “Utah” side?

Looking at Utahtickets and ticketmaster the Utah side is where sections 104-120 are. Utah tickets from the U are sections 103-113, 201-209, and 309-313

Thanks UM77

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Apparently Tom Herman has already fired most of his coaches and will coach this game with a skeleton crew. And one of their top players will likely be out.

This will be a fun game, the conditions in the Alamodome will be excellent, and the timing is good for us.

Local radio, sports and non- was full of outrage over the Alamo this morning. It just showed how poorly the bowl selection process is understood. I don’t think people should really bother learning the arcana of this nonsensical system, but it was pretty strange too hear some of the opinions about where the tes should be playing and against who.

I’m happy with it and just hope the Utes come out with something to prove.

We’re 8-point favorites over Texas, FWIW.