UTAH v USC feat. Robert Johnson, Devin Kaufusi, & Mikey Matthews - The Extra Point #22 [Utefans.net]

HEY GUYS! Check out The Extra Point’s postgame show filmed immediately after the glorious victory against the Trojans in the Coliseum! Our show this week features former players Cal Beck, Robert Johnson, and Devin Kaufusi plus a special segment of Goal Line Gossip featuring Utes Punter Jack Bouwmeester and Utes Wide Receiver Mikey Matthews! Thank you so much for your support and GO UTES!

Another great podcast!

RoJo cracks me up with his POV as a Safety, but I can’t argue with him. He was a helluva FS, one of the all-time greats at Utah. I can still see him covering the option against Air Force, looking like he was shot out of cannon to cover the pitch man for a loss. And he’s right - Bishop coming back in was pivotal.

The interview with Mikey Matthews was really good, as well. A sharp, heads up kid who accomplished his goal of starting as a true FR. Matthews is a good example of the overall uptick in recruiting.

Mikey and the other current players on the podcast this season reveal one of the big draws of recruiting to Utah - the physical beauty of SLC and Utah. Seems like they’ve all mentioned it. The U is situated in a beautiful place, and that draw will continue in the Big-12, along with our FB culture, track record, etc.

Bouwmeester is getting really good as an interviewer, has an easygoing style the other players clearly respond to well. It’s kind of funny to remember he’s the guy flipping the field, also the holder on FGs. This podcast is a fun little side gig, for him. He makes them all look easy.

Mikey confirmed the impact of Alvis Whitted as WR coach. Being able to tell WRs (and recruits) about coaching Devonte Adams with the Packers is big, and will hopefully have an impact in recruiting.

Devin’s comments about playing hurt, along with RoJo, give fans an appreciation for what these guys do in representing the school.

We’ve had some good podcasts, this one was one of the best, especially feeding on the high after the SC win. Well done, Steggy! There’s a lot of YouTube analysis of teams, wannabe analysts who make some points, but they don’t bring the same insight as guys who played the game.


Great Podcast. Loved the interview with MM. Keep up the great work guys.