UTAH v. Stanford feat. Tavion Thomas & Leslie Oberg - The Extra Point #11 [Utefans.net]

Hey guys! We were able to have Tavion Thomas come on our show yesterday and he was great! Your feedback is always appreciated and we can’t wait to hear from you. @Ute_With_Dogs made an appearance on “Stump the Utes” and much fun was had by all!

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Another good podcast. Good analysis and excellent guests.


It’s a fun podcast, a lot of high energy Utes talk! The Utahnas! Great story!

After that late game, I’m really impressed you guys were wound up early on a Sunday morning, but honestly Cal is probably that guy who is chattering on a red eye flight, then hops off and does 18 holes of golf without skipping a beat.

Cal Beck as the Rocket? Truth! As his coach Ronnie Mac would put it, “yeah, no ■■■■”


These are terrific podcasts! Thanks for posting.

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Tavion, what a humble and thoughtful guy.