Utah v SDSU Game Thread

Thanks. I was off by one digit. I couldn’t see the number well from where I was sitting. It’s interesting that the news media reports so far (that I have seen) have not named the individual who did the muff. That’s probably a good idea.

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The #3 punt returner made a mistake. He was visibly mad at himself but had support of his teammates as he left the field. Shah briefly spoke to him. They’ll coach him up. Not worth making a big deal out of IMO.


The muffed punt does not overshadow the positives. The muffed punt is a learning opportunity.

We emptied the bench (again). Sans the slow first quarter, the offense and defense played lights out (again).

Next week’s “PAC 12 Midnight Football” game kicks off the real football season - conference play.



PAC12 After Dark ™ is a PITA for those of us on the East Coast. While I’m glad we can see games, man it gets rough around 2AM with the finishes for some games.

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say what now? Oregon’s only score? Which game were YOU watching? LOL

Details, details!


Hey CCU, I have come to really enjoy my Sunday morning brunch with the Utes where I watch the previous dead-of-the-night game the next morning. This week was eggs benedict. Not sure what will be the menu item for this coming Sunday.

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With it being Fall, more or less here in NC, we officiate a lot of cyclo-cross races over the weekend. I love the idea you have, but sadly may not be applicable for many weekends in my case.

Those rare Sundays off allow us to stay up to watch the game. Although I am groggy for a bit when I get up.

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How about Deviled eggs?

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mmm, devilled eggs.