UTAH v. Colorado feat. Bryson Reeves, Devin Kaufusi, & Robert Johnson - The Extra Point #27

Hey guys, check out our last podcast of the regular season featuring special guest and current player Bryson Reeves! The crew breaks down the Colorado matchup before a very compelling interview on injuries with Bryson. Lastly, the Utefans team discusses highlights of the season as well as the return of Cam Rising! Thanks for all of your support as we plan to bring more great contebt your way soon! GO UTES!

Excellent! Great insight as always.


Jordan Wynn, had a nice interview on ESPN 700 this afternoon, which I was able to hear part of while driving to an appointment. Great interview!. He’s a serious Ute supporter, a committed Alum and someone with a lot of background in the program, and in college football in general following his playing career here at Utah.

It’s nice to see former players do as much as he does to support the program.

Early in the interview, he spent some time promoting Utefans, The Extra Point, etc., (like filming in the new south end zone).

He is a dedicated ambassador for our University, our football program, and our fan site, thanks in no small part to the huge amount of planning, effort and creativity of our own @Steggys_Mixtapes, who is the driving force behind all of the Utefan things Jordan was touting.

Thanks and keep up the good work Jordan, and Steggy’s!