Utah, the Big 12 & Recruiting

Now that the dust has settled on the Big12…16…whatever, who has been the best recruiting team the last 3 years? 4 years? 5 years?

Utah. And in some ways it’s not that close.

That is what is most crazy about this move. Now we have to keep it up the next two years, but we aren’t going into this conference as a MWC who has to build. We go into the conference one of, if not the most talented team.

That is mind-blowing. Now, I know this isn’t the end-all-be-all…for example, most of the players from Colorado’s classes aren’t even there anymore, so take their ranking with a grain of salt. And I bet a lot of ASU’s higher ranked players are also gone…but still, it gives a good overview of talent and Utah rules the roost.

3 year average (per 247. I took 2023 plus 2022 plus 2021 and divided that by 3):

  1. Utah (29)
  2. Baylor (37.7)
  3. Oklahoma St (38)
  4. TCU (40)
  5. West Virginia (41.7)
  6. Arizona (46)
  7. Colorado (46.5)
  8. Iowa State (46.6)
  9. Texas Tech (48.3)
  10. ASU (48.5)
  11. Kansas St (50.7)
  12. UCF (53.3)
  13. Cincinnati (54)
  14. Houston (65)
  15. BYU (66.3)
  16. Kansas (84.3)

4 Year Average Ranking:

  1. Utah (29.5)
  2. TCU (35.8)
  3. OSU (38.5)
  4. Baylor (40.5)
  5. WVU (40.5)
  6. Colorado (44)
  7. Iowa St (46.5)
  8. Texas Tech (48.2)
  9. Arizona (49)
  10. Kansas St (50.7)
  11. Cincinnati (50.8)
  12. ASU (56)
  13. UCF (58.8)
  14. Houston (66.8)
  15. BYU (69.8)
  16. Kansas (77)

5 year average ranking:

  1. Utah (32.2)
  2. TCU (34.6)
  3. OSU (38)
  4. Baylor (39.4)
  5. WVU (42.2)
  6. Colorado (44)
    7.Iowa St (46.4)
  7. ASU (50.6)
  8. Arizona (51)
  9. Texas Tech (51)
  10. Kansas St (53.4)
  11. Cincinnati (54)
  12. UCF (59)
  13. Houston (67.8)
  14. BYU (72)
  15. Kansas (75.4)

It will be interesting to see if the Utes devote more. Recruiting resources into Texas and how this will impact California recruits and Utah recruiting in general. We have some high end commitments who chose Utah over Oregon and USC. Will this impact their decisions?

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True. But, we now have a conference mate in Florida. So I’d assume we pick that recruiting up a little bit.

And I bet it would be easy enough to play a Cali team every year.


Man, that’s weird. Or at least it feels weird. So many years of Whit finding diamonds in the rough, to the averages that you just posted. This may take some getting used to.


I wouldn’t be surprised if we keep a strong hand in SoCal (especially San Diego) but overall recruit Texas harder. CU and the Arizona schools have mentioned a pivot to Texas, so while the B1G got a serious bump in the LA market, Utah hopefully can keep a strong hand in Cali, particularly NorCal.

Even for LA kids who don’t want to play for SC or UCLA, I think (hope) we stay engaged, because for some of those kids playing closer to home will be important. LA is much closer than Texas, and we’ve done well in TX.

We’ve done well with non-5 star kids in Florida. Moss, Huntley, Glover, Bishop from GA. Many more from Texas.

Nothing improves recruiting better than winning.