Utah State's game against Fresneck got canceled

Should Utah schedule them in a non-conference game at the Hunty?


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Wow I hadn’t heard that tomorrow’s ASU game is cancelled… guess I should have expected it. Playing USU could help our RPI, why not.

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You mean the NET Ranking. The NCAA doesn’t use the RPI anymore. :blush: That being said, any game against them would probably have to be either tomorrow or on Monday, as USU already has a game scheduled for Wednesday and they’d probably want a day off before having to play again.

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it was cancelled because of COVID with USU’s program. Also I don’t think the conference is allowing non conference games


Yes they are. USC played UC Riverside on January 12th. After they’d already played four conference games. And I know the issue is in USU’s program.

Well if that’s the case then this whole topic is moot. Why would we want to play USU if they’re in Covid protocol and why would USU want to play anybody.


maybe we could play Fresno St, but I don’t see how USU would be possible ?

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I only posted what I did because I saw the game had been postponed. I didn’t know at the time that it was postponed because of Utah State. Had I known that at the time, I would not have posted the idea.

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