Utah Runnin Utes vs the Colorado Buffs MBB

I don’t think we win this one, but I’d love to be wrong. We did everything we could to blow it the last time we played them and still came out with a W. Tipoff is at 7:00 PM MST.

As hope springs eternal, maybe getting the monkey off their backs in Pauley Pavilion travels to Boulder.

I won’t bet on it, but I will hope for it.


Play hard, play smart, see what happens. I hope it’s close. We’re overdue for a low drama freaky great performance on the road.

I could also see the Buffs being bent on revenge and things getting out of hand.

Bajema stepped up at Pauley. It would be good if Gabe found the groove. It would be cool to see Lovering do well, again, too.

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I see we’re off to a great start.

Ugh! Back to sucking on the road.

Where’s @operaman86 ? We need his optimism right now.

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I’d still like to see these Utes play in the NIT because it would shoe measurable progress, but our first game would probably be on the road, which means we would lose.

Hey, we’re within 20 points now.

There’s still a chance that we make the tourney. We just have to win the rest of our games and win the entire conference tourney. Totally doable. Then we’ll go to the Elite 8.

I like the grit these guys have but as Rick Majerus once said in a different context, we need better players

it seems that home court advantage in college hoops is greater than its ever been. CU has lost judt one home game this year. Arizona beat them.

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I’m just hoping we can keep the margin below 30 points.

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Even when we were winning there are a few things about this team that had me thinking they were not gonna be a tourney team:

  1. Turnovers
  2. Poor free throws
  3. Jekyll & Hyde home and road

All three of those factors into coaching. Poor preparation and lack of attention to detail.

  1. No depth

This team has 3 legit D1 players and one of them is pretty wimpy;
Carlson (the wimp) Smith, Gabe. Not enough depth. Not enough horses.

Harlan hired a MWC coach. I don’t care that he had success. Did his teams win any tourney games? No. MWC is fools gold. Name me one MWC coach who has been hired up to succeed. 0, signed, Steve Alford.

I am a fan. Still am. But I am becoming apathetic. Which os worse than becoming angry. I am sad. I love Utah basketball and I am sad that we (fans included) have become a piss poor program.

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I agree with this. I haven’t seen it in Smith’s three years, I don’t think it will improve.

The depth can improve but the HS recruiting isn’t anywhere near what it needs to be. The only hope there is the portal.

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I was at work sorry

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They’ve got an unreal home court advantage right now

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