Utah one of Four Uncertain Teams

I post Josh quite a bit and he’s heading to SLC week one. Good chat about the Utes:

…Add to the discussion Utah’s historically slow starts (even when fully loaded) and yes, where is a big unknown hanging out there.

I was thinking about Cam the other day. Most people take almost a year to come back from ACL surgery. Looking back, the only player I can ever remember coming back faster than that to play at a high level was Terrell Owens. Playing for the Eagles, he got injured early that season and came back to play in the Super Bowl. That time frame is about the same as Cam’s return. So it can be done - but it’s not very likely.


A hockey player on the team I root for had an ACL injury in mid-April 2022. He was back playing in early January 2023. Took him a few weeks to get back to game speed, but by mid-February he was ready.

So, with Cam, injury early in January, using the same timeline of about 8 and a half months means ready to go right about now. Back to game speed in late September.

Not sure how professional ACL treatment and trainers differ from college, but that is one anecdotal example.

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He’s not wrong.

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The care at the U is fairly similar to pro sports. The U’s doctors etc are also the docs for the Jazz