Utah Ohio State match-up and analysis

I know we have other threads going and this will be discussed in detail but I thought I would see what @Ma-ake and other football wonks think of each respective team’s strength and weaknesses.
I heard that “Ohio State can’t stop the run” but has excellent recivers and is stacked with talent. Personally, I feel good about our players and their team spirit. But I really don’t know anything about the X’s & O’s.
Maybe Jordan Wynn and Hans Olson can team up for a podcast…? :wink:


Les Olson? Maybe if you need copies of the script. :wink:

I think my biggest concern right now is how thin we are at DB and that got worse Friday when Vaughn went down. He already was third on the depth chart at the start of the year. I don’t know if Whit will change his no injury talk rule, doubt it, so we won’t know if Marks can come back or how bad the Vaughn injury is.

That said, I really haven’t seen people comment on what a great job Utah has done this year backfilling in the secondary all year. Shah and Scalley deserve big props.


Whoops! Freudian slip…

tOSU will be an interesting matchup. What amount of their games I have watched, they remind me of a more physical version of Chip 1.0. Their defense looked suspect against Michigan and Oregon (with Verdell).

Looking forward to New Year’s Day.


The “physicality” doesn’t worry me so much. I’ve only watched tOSU a couple of times…it seems like they have a talented receiving group. It’s so difficult when you don’t have a great handle on the capability of defensive backfields in the B1G to gauge them. I’m going to see if I can find a video of their loss to Oregon, although I’m sure they are not the same team that lost that game.

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OSU’s receiving corps worries me. Covering the wideouts may be a nightmare. But Utah should be able to contain the OSU run game and move the ball on its defense.

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Yes, they have 3 NFL caliber receivers (maybe we can hope for a couple opt outs, but unlikely for the Rose). We must control the line and get great pass rush while containing Stroud. Other than WR/DB challenge, I think our strengths match up well - we run hard and with some play action should open up the pass game. Our TEs will kill it in their middle. We likely need to score a lot of points, but long drives to keep it our of their hands (best ended with a TD) will be important.

I like the matchup. It’ll be challenging and glad we are the underdog, but we have a chance to get to 11 wins and raising the reputation of the PAC12. Us!

maybe I’m wrong but I have to think that Ohio St will overlook Utah (somewhat), and that will be to our advantage. When Whitt is an underdog sometimes fun things happen.

Unlike 2019…Utah won’t be treating this as a vacation. tOSU will be a different story. tOSU players come to Columbus to win NC’s, anything less is a failure.

It’s not a stretch to argue that tOUS 3rd string is better than the Utes starters. But I’m not sold on Ryan Day as a great motivator when the prize isn’t a NC.

I think Utah has a chance if they can run the ball.

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According to this guy, Utah has only played in ONE top tier bowl.

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I hope they put this on every locker.


Hmmm, someone didn’t pay attention to the 2008 season Sugar Bowl, or failed to do proper research.

But hey, I hope OSU feels essentially the same way as him, and our Utes teach Suckeye nation a lesson.


I think the Utes can run on them. I hope our team will be able to limit the passing attempts to 20 or less.

I’d like to see Utah open with an aerial drive, score, and run run run.

Side note. tOSU players/fans are totally destroyed by the lose to MI… like suicide watch.

If Utah can find a way to frustrate the tOSU offense early, they may pack it in… still it’s not like California teams

But trust me, they have a caliber of athlete that Utah players have never seen… and a Midwest tough mentality. They are more than wiling to get into a kwhitt “fist fight” type of game.

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[quote=“a2ute, post:14, topic:6590, full:true”] They are more than wiling to get into a kwhitt “fist fight” type of game.

If the posters on their boards are to be believed, their lines on both sides are soft. I would put both of Utah’s lines up against anyone. Sure they might not win, but the other guys would know that they’ve been in a fight.

I’m agreeing with you. Just saying outside of Utah, I don’t think there is a “fist fight” tough team in the PAC12. tOSU is not going to be shocked by the Utes physicality and I don’t think it will wear them down.

They haven’t seen this…

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I wish I hadn’t seen that :grinning: