Utah negotiated special flexible terms for Big12 exit

Not the slightest bit surprising, but really good to know.

There will undoubtedly be more realignment - if not a seismic shift - in the landscape within another year or so.


It also tells me that Ute lawyers are better than Buffalo lawyers. I saw a little bit on CU’s contract on r/cfb. It appears like they were in such a rush to bail on the PAC that they locked themselves into a long term contract. Not being a lawyer, I can only go off of impressions of what I read. I also take most of r/cfb like I do cougarboard, more like entertainment than fact.


Yeah I’ve been seeing stuff about that too. Like this:

Just received Colorado's Agreement to join the Big 12. Colorado was the first to jump from the Pac 12 and the agreement reveals some haste to get it done. I provide three examples of sloppy drafting - one of which gave Oregon State and Washington State leverage to take control… pic.twitter.com/BN9NkEsHe3

— Bill is following the money (@BillFarleyPhD) March 7, 2024
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So that explains all the BIG 12 University Presidents and their AD’s only having nine fingers…:wink:

Truth is I have yet to see a contract that didn’t have a Force Majeure clause that can be used as an out if need be. If the other schools signed one that didn’t have one, their President and AD should be fired on the spot.

It sounds a little crazy, but “Financial harm to the University” is a thing. ASU, U of A, UCLA and Colorado can clearly attest to that.


I have been saying since day 1 of this Big 12 shift that I give the current landscape 5 years +/- 2 before everything blows up again.


FWIW many of the so-called pundits now seem to be shifting their predicted timelines to 1-2 years for the next significant movement. Something like FSU/ACC could set off a whole new set of dominoes. Things could get crazy…


Yeah I was thinking as early as 3 years but I could definitely see things blow up sooner.


President Randall has been open about his plan for the U. to be part of whatever becomes of the Big 10+.