Utah needs a Nor'easter (or maybe two)

I’m sure many Utahns (certainly most New Englanders) will consider me crazy for saying so, but I’d kill to have a 30 inch snow storm in the Salt Lake Valley about now. (A couple of 15 inch storms 2 weeks apart would even be better, but still…).

We need the storms to clear out the air, we need more snow to replenish ground water, and we NEEEEEED much more snow in the mountains for the water to replenish reservoir levels in the spring, and to get the Great Salt Lake above historic lows.

And it would be lovely to have enough snow to have some well groomed XC ski areas without driving to the top of the canyons.

Pray for moisture folks.

Yeah, this is getting scary.

…but we can keep growing and developing…until Mother Nature says we can’t.

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Got family on the Cape without power for over 2 days now

With the hubris of our legislators, even Mother Nature won’t be able to convince them. Keep growing and let it become someone else’s problem - there’s money to be made in property development!


If the drought continues the next few decades are going to be really interesting, especially for Vegas and Phoenix. There was a writer who said the wars in the future will be fought over water, maybe we’ll see something like that fairly soon.


Damn La Nina. It has not rained a drop in So. Cal since a few days before the Rose Bowl. No rain for the entire month of January - very bad.