Utah LAX on now

Versus Notre Dame on ESPNU for any coach potatoes that see this.

Utah plays LAX? Since when?

Since I went to an official lacrosse school that gets 30,000 people into the stands for a big game, I am a true lacrosse nut. I actually have a stick and ball, and I throw it against the garage when I need to take out my frustrations on life.

So, now I have to look this up.

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Wasn’t a close game. Nonetheless, we had a fantastic season, especially being just a 5th year program.


Holy crap, they were in the playoffs? Syracuse didn’t do that, and they have a long history of being a Lacrosse power. :smile:

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Went undefeated in the ASUN conference.

They’ve been in the conference two years and have been in the championship game twice, winning it all this year.