Utah Jazz on TNT

I love TNT’s studio show. Jazz are the hottest team in the NBA now. Charles Barkley starts ■■■■■■■■ on Donovan Mitchell, Shaq piles on, Kenny piles on, and then Chuck finishes by saying Mitchell can score but he’s worthless at everything else. Then Ernie pulls up a stat, Mitchell has only had one game with double digit rebounds, and one game with double digit assists…in his entire career.

So I dropped by the coug board and they’re pissed as ever. Jazz fans are so persecuted.

Now they’re interviewing Spider and Shaq straight up tells him he doesn’t have what it takes to win a championship. Wow that was awkward, Spider not amused, no comment. Then Shaq asks Spider if he can have some of Rudy’s $200M. Spider again not amused at all.

Shaq obviously hates the Jazz, it’s hilarious. Great television.

Maybe Shaq doesn’t hate the Jazz, but is actually trying to light a fire under Mitchell and Gobert. That’s another way of looking at it.

Maybe with Spider but it’s obvious Shaq thinks Gobert is a punk, isn’t a fan at all.

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Felt like to me Shaq was challenging a guy to take his game to the next level because he believes he can. He’s right, Mitchell could probably be legendary if he adds more dimension to his game.

We just don’t think we can criticize superstars.

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Maybe Spider should act a fool and steal rebounds from teammates and intentionally miss shots to get rebounds like some clowns have done in the NBA to try to get to the magic 10 number. I hope he asks Shaq if that’s what he’d like to see next time.

It was maybe a little awkward to watch, but no question Shaq was motivating - I don’t think he’d do that if he didn’t think DM could actually pull it off.

Kenny Smith gracefully translated for everyone else, but it was pretty obvious. Donovan should consider it an honor, IMO. And the $200M swipe at Gobert I’d take the same way. Shaq knows Rudy’s a warrior - he’s gonna be pissed… and more determined.

Normally Shaq just doesn’t care enough to do something like that.

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There is something to what shaq is saying.

Rudy gets double doubles and he makes teams game plan around him. HE is a difference maker.

DM is a really great player that is set to make the leap. I can see this year he is better about taking his spots.

He this is his fourth year. THis is time for him to make the leap from all star to superstar.

Jazz fans are in good hands


My impression of Shaq is he always wants to make it about him, and if anyone calls him out he brings up his rings, as if there were no other stars on those teams.
With his comments about Mitchell’s game, he sets it up to be all about Shaq…if Mitchell and the Jazz succeed, its because Shaq motivated him…if they go out in the early rounds, Shaq called it correctly about Mitchell’s shortcomings.


These Nets uniforms are among the worst uni’s ever designed. Not Raptors bad, but really, really bad.

Nope. The Black and White Clippers are the worst. Although BKs are very similar.

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The Jazz fans with one of the most ironic “overrated” chants against the Clippers.

The Clippers tanked their last 2 games to be seeded lower in the playoffs.

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I thought they were chanting it to Paul George who was shooting free throws.

The block was awesome but I liked the way Gobert applied heavy pressure in defense without actually touching him to risk the 3-point foul. The rejection was the cherry on top.

Mitchell and Clarkson played lights out. The fact they had such a cold streak to start and won is simply a sign they can win it all. Plus, DWade courtside coaching doesn’t hurt. His addition to ownership will be invaluable.


Anyone else watching soccer this summer? This is worth seeing for anyone:

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I have been watching the Euro cup. There has been some good futbol there. I honestly struggle watching the American game (South / Central America) because it relies so much more on physical play than the European game. Yes, there is a physical element to the European game, but in so many ways for me it is like watching a chess match unfold, seeing how the different sides set up their attacks. I’m sad that the group stage is over and I have nothing to watch during work until Saturday now…

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