Utah is the PAC’s only hope

Now I understand why USC hates the rest of the conference. They don’t carry their weight. What a sad collection of incompetent teams. Now Utah HAS to win. None of the other teams are worth anything.

A lot of people bag on the PAC-12, but they’re right. The conference collectively needs to improve significantly. Washington St.'s performance today has been embarrassing. Oregon looked horrendous in the first half in its game.

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This is why I laugh at my fellow Utah fans that are clowning on byu and the upcoming Neo-Big12, saying it won’t be a power 5 conference. That conference will be just as good(and better some years) as the Pac12 and ACC.


This Gabalis kid is average, but he’s light years ahead of deLaura (who is simply god awful).

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Walking around in Montrose. 25 years ago we lived near here. A UCLA fan at a sidewalk restaurant got up when we walked by on ourUte gear. He said “we’ll be rooting for Utah tomorrow. So beat Ohio State. My team”, he added “UCLA didn’t both to show up.”