Utah has no responsibility to win for the PAC12

This is historic, win or lose. The trajectory that the UTES have been on since 2004 stands on its own and is beholden to none.

The other PAC12 teams (including Colorado) have to take responsibility for themselves.

Why should the UTES have to carry their big brothers?

They are beholden to no one but themselves.

That said, the win will make history for the school, and send a very special piece of hardware to the trophy case.

I wonder when the school will build a Hall of Honor like the one U$C has to recognize these types of achievements, players, and coaches?

Maybe they can demo the old public safety buildings after they move into the new digs and build it there next to the Hunty?

NOW you think this way!!




“The trajectory that the UTES have been on since 2004 stands on its own”

I would argue that trajectory started with McBride in the early 90’s, 2004 is not the start but the midway point.


Utah has definitely had a good run. Nobody can doubt that.

9-2 vs P5 in 2021?
Is SDSU a P5 now?


Pretty soon I think.

I don’t know. I copied and pasted that from utefans.net

It isn’t a matter of representing the conference. It’s a matter of distancing our program from the collection of incompetent buffoon programs that comprise the rest of the league.

We need Utah and USC to be good, and one or two other teams as well, so that our games amongst each other have some meaning.

Do away with divisions. That needs to happen yesterday.


I think he was referring to the 2 P5 losses. We lost to Oregon St. & ??? (BYU or SDSU counting as a P5, which neither is).

You guys are unbelievable. I posted a compliment about your football team.

Thanks, @Wingnut. Happy New Year!

There’s an obvious error in that graphic, and I had the question of the 2 losses to P5 teams when that graphic was first posted a couple of weeks ago.

But that’s not your fault–you didn’t post it originally.