Utah football year-end stats

There seems to be a tiny cloud of disappointment hanging over this year’s Utes (Florida, Oregon, UCLA) but if we focus on those games we are missing just how dominant they’ve been this year:

The kids played well this year, no doubt. Some wanted to see total domination, and were bitterly disappointed when that didn’t happen. The three losses were tough pills, especially where we were in a position to win two of those. The stats clearly show we were a top team this season.

How we got to play next Friday doesn’t matter now, we did it. Now it’s time to go into Allegiant Stadium and punch our ticket to the Rose Bowl again, and to send Trojanfan home with his bowl of tear soup and his “Fire Lincoln Riley” wagon in full crank. Beating a team twice in one season is a hell of a challenge. We did it to Whoregon last season. Now it’s U$C and their “Rent a Team’s” turn.


After 12 games, the stats don’t lie, and they’re impressive.

If Cam’s on his game, I like our chances on Friday. If he spreads the ball around, I like them even more.


I felt the same way as you - more big plays than we’re used to seeing. But Whit referenced this topic after the Arizona game (IIRC) where he said the historic metric for a great defensive performance was holding a team to under 200 yards, but with the offenses having really blown up, it’s more like 350 yards, now.

Williams was really tough to get bottled up, DeLaura of Arizona is super slippery, we did a really impressive job against Cam Ward at Wazzu, we don’t need to discuss DTR anymore, etc.

One player comment: after the Stanford game one of our DLs was asked about us really stepping up the Sack Lake City reputation that game, and the player was pretty open about them having such a banged up run game we knew we could pass rush McKee with minimal threat from the RBs.

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Hmmm. Could go either way but I believe this has earned KW another year. :smirk:



My attitude towards season hopes and expectations is the same as it is for traveling to games. If I only enjoy it if the Utes win, I should not go.

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Yet still behind other PAC12 CB in Mel’s NFL draft list (Gonzalez - Oregon). I guess college performance doesn’t always translate (Charlie Ward, Tim Tebow) but CPIII size is probably what lowers him a little. He’ll keep proving them wrong.

Kiper has been wrong a lot more than he has been right over the years. CP3 is a solid talent that should get him to the NFL. Honestly, I don’t look too much at draft rankings. I look at whether they got drafted at all; and the only reason for that is a team is more likely to give someone they picked more of a shot than a UDFA.

Then again, we are starting to see more UDFA’s making teams simply because of injuries due to the physicality of the game. I know the NFL doesn’t want to hear it, but adding games to the schedule is startling to negatively affect the product. Added games…Thursday night games add a a ton of wear and tear. Injuries have always been a part of the game, but this is getting ridiculous.


There’s the chance, which he will absolutely have but I think he deserves higher which means more money (which drops off pretty quickly). Stupid that performance is balanced with just bias of height and stuff.

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