Utah Football Rewind 2020 - Week 3! (Redo)

UPDATE: Apologies as some of the games in my archive, that were included in this week’s vote, have been corrupted. As such, I had to start a new vote with new games. Sorry!

Week 3 of “Utah Football Rewind 2020” is upon us!

Each week, during what would have been the regular season, I will be streaming memorable games from Utah football history (recent history, that is), and you get to vote on which you want to see!

Week 3 will feature “beatdown” games!

    • 2006 - Utah vs Utah State | A 48 point win against the Aggies who earned the goose egg in their own stadium!
    • 2008 - Utah vs San Diego State | A 49 point drubbing of the Aztecs on the way to Utah’s second undefeated season!
    • 2010 - Utah vs Colorado State | A 53 point whallop on the Rams!

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Voting will remain open until midnight of the day before game day.

Week 3’s game will stream 9/19 @ 6:00pm Mountain Time.


How does a techno-turd like me tune into this streaming festival?

A stream link will be posted each game day. Barring any tech issues, all streams should be available at the below link: