Utah football culture - "how much did the weather impact things today?"

Like a ton of others, I was at the game. The weather wasn’t the worst, but was pretty continuous, and after a while it was a “cumulative cold” and rain drops were coming off guys facemasks, etc.

In the post-game interviews, Riley & Scott Mitchell asked every player how much weather played a role.

To a man, every player said it really wasn’t a factor. They knew it going to be rainy, they were prepared… no big deal. They weren’t “say this to the media” answers, that’s what they believed, that was their immediate, unscripted response.

In other words, “culture”

Jonah Elliss had the best answer - “we love it when it’s going to be rainy or snowy, we get amped up! Those guys are from Arizona where there’s not a lot of rain, so we were ready to jump on it!”

The “we have an advantage” mindset is about the psychology of competition. The “it doesn’t matter, we’ve prepared” answer is about toughness & players having faith in their coaching.

In the Utah football culture, the mindset takes on a different level, a different flavor.

Whit - “everyone has injuries and nobody cares”

I’m sure the story of Whit turning off the heaters at the Colorado State game has been passed down, just like Kenneth Scott marveling at how Whit still hits the stair climber, swims, hits the weights and rides bicycles everywhere.

“When I’m his age I’m going to be taking it easy, but that dude - he’s hard core!

It all adds up.

Speaking of culture, the announcers mentioned a, ummm, Whitticism from awhile back. “If you’re not ‘in,’ you’re in the way.” They happened to mention it, or perhaps on purpose, when Tavion got into the game. They mentioned that the only way to show that TT was all “in” with the culture was to go out and play hard. Seems TT did that decently well. He did have some good runs.

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An organization’s culture can be said is what makes any organization successful. One of the key items to creating a good culture is stability in the leadership. Leaders can’t install a culture without some amount of time more than a season. It can take up to 5 seasons.

The media is fawning over U$C’s “Rent a Team.” Yes, their coach brought in some mad talent and got a ton of success immediately; but the big question will be can he sustain it? Knowing Trojanfan, it will only take a couple of seasons of not winning the conference to get them back on the coaching carousel.

Remember USU had massive portal success last season. This season…not so much. Hopefully their coach will get a good system and culture in place for the long term.


I am concerned about the ball security last night. If the players say the weather wasn’t a factor, then what was the issue? That muffed punt and multiple fumbles could have really hurt us against a better team.

I’m glad the players aren’t making excuses, but I think weather was a factor last night.

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Wasn’t Blake Andersen pretty good at his previous stint? He was there for a fair amount of time IIRC. He only left because there were too many memories attached to the area with his wife. If he sticks around USU I think he’ll build a decent culture.

Just looked him up on wikipedia (I know it’s not the best source, but for quick info it seems ok). He was at Arkansas State for 6 seasons. 6 bowl games, 2 conference championships. He seems to know his stuff.


The muffed punt was Taquan Gilmore. Vele was nails, but he got to learn from Covey.

If you’re standing on the sidelines and not warmed up, the weather was a factor, hard to go from cold to game ready, just on temperature alone.

When Arizona scored late and was going to do an onside kick they notified the “hands” team and they all jumped up and tried to get warmed up ASAP.

I wouldn’t want to be the player who publicly admitted weather was a factor… but impossible that it wasn’t.