Utah / Florida tickets?

Hello fellow Utes! New to this forum but thought I’d test my luck here and see if anyone knows of a Ute fan that needs to sell two tickets to the Florida game later this month. I’ve been a little shocked at what tickets are going for on secondary sites and quite simply can’t afford to take my 13 year old who is dying to go. If you know of someone willing to sell at face value, I would be so grateful.
Thank you and go Utes!!

I remember in 2003 we had Cal at RES - Alex Smith starting in place of an injured Brett Elliott and Aaron Rodgers backing up some no name Cal QB (He ended up playing). Utah gave a bunch of free tickets to the local high schools to fill the stands. How far we’ve come.

Good luck with finding face value tix, this is THE marquee game this year.


I remember that. The best part was the outraged zoobs saying Utah can’t claim there was a sellout because they gave some tickets away. Man, it’s so easy to piss off zoobs.

BYU hands out A TON of free tickets. Like 1000 of them per game (sometimes more).

Then again I went into Macy’s in Orem and there were a pai of tickets to a game, and when I came back out to go over to my parent’s for a visit, there were 12 more sets on the window. :wink:


I have 6 extra standing room only tickets. I’m happy to sell 2 of them to you for face value of $175 each. DM me if interested.