Utah Basketball TODAY 11.19.23

Our Utes finish competition in two events today.

Two wins to finish out the weekend.


down 15-7 early

Pretty bad start. St. Johns knocks down its first three shots from three-point range.

Outscored 10-0 since Utah led at 7-5.

St. Johns has cooled and utes playing better

How hard is it to recruit someone who can dribble and pass the ball? This St John’s pressure is NOT elite.

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St. Johns playing with a lot more intesity than the guys in white

Playing better to start the second half. Hope I didn’t just jinx them.

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Ok. I’ll stop watching.

Turnover after missed shot after turnover.

I can’t help but think that this group simply cannot absorb the loss of Exacte and Kieta from the lineup. It just shortens up the rotation too much to be able to hang with good athletic teams. Hopefully we can get them back soon.


St Johns with 3 straight three’s to stretch their lead to 14.

Especially when you’re playing games this close together


This team is going to struggle against quick athletic teams, especially on the guard line. Same as last season. We really needed Deivin Smith.

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Eastern Kentucky 72-117 Utah



Because I didn’t see either WBB games in Alaska, I reviewed the box scores.

  1. Are Issy Palmer and Dasia Young injured?

  2. Lani White is behind in minutes to Reese Ross and Maty Wilke. I thought she had some impact as a true frosh last year.

  3. Kennady McQueen has been in a shooting slump, but seemed to do a bit better last night.

  4. Jenna Johnson seems to be settling in as more of a defender/rebounder and not as much a scorer any more.

  5. Even considering the scores of the two games, Sam Crispe didn’t play much.

  6. Gianna Kneepkens continues to be a beast.

  7. It was great for Pili to play in her hometown.

Edited to add.

That trophy is pretty bad-■■■.

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Do you think it is a real skull?

Either way it is bad-■■■.


Utah #10 in latest poll, a projected 3-seed.