Utah Basketball quadrants



If you have any teams you’d like to see, please suggest them and I’ll run my builder.
I’ve also built one for losses too.

I was just wondering about this…How are you determining the rankings of the teams that we have beat/played? AP ranking? NET? RPI? Kentucky would mean a quad 1 victory using the AP ranking, but other metrics absolutely hate Kentucky (they are ranked near us/ below us).


I merge several rankings to spot out a number. The one you referenced must’ve updated already after the Kentucky game.

I typically update on Sundays

I’ve added a “y” for teams NCAA bound. “b” = currently on the bubble.
Taken from ESPN Bracketology

Nice to see Tulane move up to Quad 2, and also nice to see no potential Q4 games in future. Bummer that Nevada slipped. Hopeful that MN can get to Quad 1 by end of the year. They are looking better and better. At very least we need to sweep the quad 2 & 3, and hope for a couple shockers in Quad 1.

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BYU is now a quad 1 win.

Our 2 highest quality wins are against the 2 teams many of us dislike the most.