Utah baseball’s season is officially over with that unbearable loss to USC

I seriously hate USC with a passion. Utah simply cannot beat that team. They blew ANOTHER lead in the bottom of the eighth inning. With their CLOSER ON THE MOUND. Just ridiculous. There’s no mathematical path forward for Utah to advance in the Pac-12 Tournament and they have ZERO chance of making the NCAA Tournament now. All thanks to USC. Those three losses at USC over the weekend took them off the bubble. Absolutely devastating.

Actually, I misspoke. There actually IS still a path forward. It just requires certain teams to win and lose. Utah needs to beat Oregon. Oregon State needs to beat Stanford. And Washington needs to beat Arizona.

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I feel your pain. But that is sport. I hope you had a chance to watch and enjoy. Go UTES!


Could be worse. Could have been football.


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That hasn’t happened for a good while.


I just BM’d you a thousand stars. Get yourself something nice. :smile: