Utah @ ASU

Word on the street is this used to be a board to discuss Utah athletics. :wink:

Anyway, we lead ASU at half by 2, 28-26, in spite of going four minutes at one stretch without scoring. Lots of what we’re used to seeing in TOs, but they haven’t quit. The drop from Carlson to Thioune is not something that can be helped and Mahorcic is being a trooper but he’s really slowed. Wooster had his Jersey magically ripped with nobody apparently grabbing him for a foul.

I think ASU will likely wear us down and they’re better shooters than what they’ve showed so far, but we are competing.

Watching the ASU game. I haven’t been able to see much of Craig Smith’s team this year, but I like what I’m seeing. These guys play intelligently on offense–i’m not seeing any “pass it around the perimeter and see what happens” sets. They play hard, sometimes compensating for their lack of athleticism.

On defense, I haven’t seen an uncontested three yet, in this game at least. So far in the game they have 13 offensive rebounds, which is nice to see as well.

Anyway, this is the most of the single game I’ve watched since the BYU game, and it sure looks like they are paying a lot of attention to fundamentals, which reminds me of the RM days. I am optimistic about the future.

Majorcic is making his presence known. Had a key offensive foul call against him that might make the difference in the game. I’m not sure it was a good call.

Tie game at 60 with 1:25 to go. I’ll be watching to see if this team holds onto their composure, unlike the teams under the prior coach.

Unfortunately we haven’t gotten the last two close calls.

I always enjoy, in a strange way, watching Bobby Hurley coach. He makes such a jackass of himself.


Mahorcic is simply playing like a stud I spite of the knee. Don’t know if it will be enough. Others Really blew that last possession by ASU to tie it.

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Wasted a Timeout In the first half. Coming back to get us.

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David Jenkins, Jr!

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Composure is still intact!

Tow game on the road with 25 seconds to go. These guys have battled. I hope things go their way.

Crap. So close. 64-62 Scumdevils. We had our shots. With Carlson we likely win it.

Oh well. The referee could have called a foul on Jenkins’ last-second effort, but that’s kind of the way close calls have gone in this half. Not complaining about the refs, just an observation. It happens.

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It was close but I understand why they let it go.

It seemed like ASU’s scorers had just a bit more finesse and athleticism than our blue-collar guys. Still, I was impressed.


Utes did everything they needed to do to win this game EXCEPT hit a reasonable percentage from deep. 25% just wasn’t good enough, despite MANY open looks. It was their 2nd lowest percentage in conference play. Battin is 1 for his last 16 from deep. Stefanovich is 7 for his last 32. Utes must work on getting more shots for Jenkins and Madsen.

Utes were +7 on the glass, but -6 on turnovers. ASU helped by shooting 25% from the FT line.