Utah and the Pick Six

This is pretty impressive:

We have many more years of “pick 6” than that…

I pick 6 up before the tailgate party before the game. :beer::beer::beer:

…a different pick 6?



…and how many of these came against BYU. Oh the nightmare! :joy:


Not enough, but Whit is sporting and calls off the dogs. :slight_smile:

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So does a lot of that credit go to the defensive backs coach during much of that time?

You have to give a ton of credit to the DL and thier coaches IMO.

I think a lot of credit goes to playing byu.


That gets an up vote and a BIG late night laugh; it might also be true :slight_smile:

If my count is right, Utah has six pick-sixes against BYU during this span, all since 2015. Before 2015, I think the last pick-six against BYU was in 2000. Though Utah did have two fumble returns for TDs in 2011 and one in 2012.