USC skates

The organization’s infractions committee put the men’s basketball team on probation for two years — the school must develop and implement a rules education program for athletics department staffers during the period — in addition to accepting the self-imposed reduction of two scholarships during the 2018-19 season and significant cuts in the number of recruiting visits.

“This was a comprehensive process and we are looking forward to moving on,” USC head coach Andy Enfield said in a statement.

USC avoided program-altering punishment, as the committee cited the school’s “exemplary cooperation” and “meaningful penalties” it imposed.

“The associate head coach demonstrated a recurring lack of judgement that resulted in unethical conduct and representation violations for both himself and USC,” the committee said. “Despite [Bland’s] underlying violations, he met his obligation when he participated in the NCAA investigation and provided information relevant to the investigation.”

Bland received a three-year show cause penalty, meaning “any NCAA member school employing him must restrict him from any athletically related duties unless it shows cause why the restrictions should not apply.”

Cal State Northridge is screwed.


With this and UofPay, among several other schools, people wonder why the NCAA isn’t taken seriously about academics.

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For the open assistant’s job Utes should hire Tony Bland—have him some buy some 5* recruits & then act really sorry, cooperate in an exemplary manner to find out why he keeps doing this "wrongful " behavior & impose meaningful USC penalties–like no free bed time snacks & players can only have 1 free cellphone.

what a joke—Enfield keeps his job.?!