USC Game

Both QBs look terrible. Is it time for Drew Lisk? Bentley doesn’t look like he could hit the side of a barn!

I need someone to tell me how Bentley once threw for 500 yards against Clemson.

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It’s baffling? Nerves?

Worse than the QB situation is the OC, Ludwig.
Get the ball to Kuthie!
Totally one dimensional tonight.

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Edge runs seemed to be working too, not sure we went away from that.

no passing game, Utah football at it’s finest

Looking a little better on that one.

agreed! A lot of rust to shake off

You would ■■■■ your pants too if you had to drop back to pass with our O-line protecting you.

Not looking forward to the second half.
Ludwig usually isn’t a great second half play caller.

HAHAHAHA, truth.

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Lines are being dominated. I’m guessing SC is focusing on taking away Kuithe

I think I see why Bentley was available as a transfer.

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Why is the game continuing while espn has lost its cameras?? The only purpose of this game is to make television revenue. Stop the game until the cameras are found.