USC at Utah

Trojan fan here. Looking forward to the game on Saturday (hopefully). Rice-Eccles is a house of horrors for us, we lucked out getting the Friday night game moved and having this game played with no fans.

Any scuttlebutt out of the local media about the likelihood of the game being played Saturday? Would be a shame if it were cancelled again, this is the marquee game every year in the South, and a path to the P12 Championship doesn’t feel right if we don’t have to go through the Utes to get there.

I’m hopeful the game will be played, but I don’t know any more than you.

I wish we’d had the zona and UCLA games as warm-ups. I hate starting the season against USC. But, at this point, I’ll just be thrilled to see the Utes play.


There is this:


I don’t think USC will travel to Utah and we may have to schedule games with the SEC and Conference USA to get by this year and bring in whatever revenue we can.

Hoping Utah (are there ANY other FBS teams that haven’t played yet?) finally gets to take the field this weekend, even against a team with a few games under their belt. Utah has any first game jitters (penalties, turnovers and other mistakes will be deadly) and it might not be pretty, but anything is better than not playing at all.

New Mexico State hasn’t, and that might be it. Funny thing about NMSU, I know they said they planned to do a spring season but I have no idea who they expect to play.

I guess maybe NM State could get a few games against Big Sky teams? Their program is close to shutting down as it is.

Yeah I just checked, looks like they’ve scheduled some FCS and D2’s so far.

We welcome you to our stadium once again!
We hope we play like sportsmen and certainly recognize your program’s storied history.
Nonetheless, we hope to win.
May you be safe and well.

Here’s how it’s going.

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Wow middle America…

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