USA Cycling Masters Championships to Cedar City

This won’t mean much to most of you, I understand. Regardless, this announcement is still a big deal. It brings people to Utah, they spend money. Many are in state for a week or longer acclimating to altitude or climate.

I was happy to see that Cedar was selected. The terrain there is great for a variety of reasons. You can get some flat rides, the mountains, technical, etc. Not to mention Cedar knows how to put on events, just look at the Shakespearean Festival, how long has that been going on?

Anyway, here’s a link to check out.

There are some great rides in that area - the one that goes from Panguitch, up past Navajo Lake and drops into Cedar is a great one.

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I’ve done a bit of riding around Cedar. Sure is nice to do so. Mrs. CCU has an aunt and uncle who have a place at Panguitch Lake. I used it as a base for several rides. Very nice place indeed.

That’s great to see
This is a fantastic cycling state

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I said Navajo Lake but I meant panguitch. Great area.