Urban to the Jags

In an effort to rekindle his relationship with his son and get more games of catch in Urban takes a job with Jags:

If Morgan Scalley gets an offer from Urb, will he go or stay at the U as an informal HC In Waiting
  • Scalley’s a Jag
  • Ute for Life

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His son finally mastered the curveball, again.

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I’ve really debated posting this, Been a donor for probably 20 years and not once claimed inside info. Take it for what you will. Urb contacted Morgan at least a week ago. Morgan feels hurt/slighted/upset that the U didn’t support or stand up for him during the incident. Not only did they not support they cut his pay and publicly stripped him of his coach in waiting title.

My personal opinion, the U crapped on a good man, a true Ute who said something really stupid. If he gets the offer he should leave. The U doesn’t deserve his loyalty.

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The timing of that coming out was very unfortunate for Morgan, and I don’t believe he’s a racist.

However, I don’t feel he’s justified being upset at the U.

I’m excited to see how Sharrieff will do as DC if Morgan leaves. Not that the D can do much better, he’s been a fantastic DC.


There was clearly a side of the story that explained what happened, and he was not allowed to share it. Maybe that was the right call, maybe not. People are not necessarily interested in context when it comes to these things.

I could understand some hurt feelings if everyone on the team and in admin thought he had done nothing very wrong but censured him anyway for appearances. I don’t have any idea if that was the case, though.

Seems to me that a first-time NFL coach would need a higher profile hire than a DC that has never coached at that level either.

I think Morgan is a great DC and I think he’d be insane to turn down a shot in the NFL, but I’d be a little surprised if Meyer went that route over a more proven NFL commodity.

I also have significant doubts as to whether Urban can be successful in the NFL. So much of success in college is recruiting, and that’s not a big part of the NFL. Will be very interesting to see if he becomes the next Pete Carroll or the next Chip Kelly.

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Or Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, Lou Holtz, Butch Davis, Dennis Erickson, Bobby Petrino, Greg Schiano, Mike Riley, Lane Kiffin, June Jones, Chan Gailey, Bud Wilkinson, Tommy Prothro, John McKay…

I can only think of two that succeeded:

Jimmy Johnson
Jim Fassel


Hearing it is likely Charlie Strong.

Sometimes we forget the organization we are cheering for is part of a governmental entity. I get that Morgan got pissed/hurt and had his “unwritten contract” broken when he had to go through what he went through. The reality is working for government in this day and age carries with it a pretty damned high standard of conduct. For the University, it wasn’t a choice but to investigate and perform corrective action on anything found. FWIW their response was as muted as it could be, and the “benefit of the doubt” offered as much as it could be.

Had this been any other PAC 12 school, I doubt he would’ve been allowed to keep his job. All the parties involved at the U did a good job to create a path of a second chance because he is family.

If he actually is offered and decides to move on, best wishes to him. If he decides to stay, glad to have him coaching for us. Would hate to have him coaching against us.


Pete Carroll, the second time around, but he had lots of prior NFL experience

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