Neither team has looked very good.

I think we can beat Oregon.
Let’s do just that.


Did they just ask who Oregon will face in the CCG?
Don’t they pay any attention at all?


What a face-plant by Washington. They’ve got first and ten on their own 10 yard line with just over two minutes to go. Two straight passes hit the receivers in the hands and are dropped. The third pass is way off target. They decide to punt, and their long snapper sends the ball over the kicker’s head and out of the end zone for a safety, thereby icing the game for Oregon. I’m glad I’m not a Washington fan tonight.


Especially given the outcome.


A couple years ago, I went to the Utah @ UW game and two old guys (who reminded of the Swedish Chef muppets) had running color commentary and often told me, “this is where we make stupid decisions. Just watch. We’ll screw it up.” Mist be the overcast seasonal depression.

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10,000,000th review.

Wow. Almost last second TD to make the score look more respectable. The committee watches games though (supposedly). But they also must watch Ohio St., Cinci, etc.

Stupid ending.
I want to torch these guys.

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Then Washington has to kick off after the safety and Oregon covers the onside kick. Then with the game on ice, Oregon tries to drive for a touchdown instead of simply taking a couple of knees. Got to the 1 yard line, then seemed to foul up the clock and time ran out. (Did I see that right?) Classy.

So, Arizona beats, Cal. I’m a bit surprised, but both teams are down this year. Utah has to take down Arizona next Saturday, period.

Not the result I was expecting (at all) or hoping for in the Colorado/OSU game. It would have been a lot better look for Utah if OSU was winning games like this.

Oregon wins, and Washington looks rather silly at the end of the game. The result is good for Utah. We get am=n Oregon team in two weeks, that will still be in the top 4 at the end of this week.

Now to the game I was looking forward to after the Utes won. USC is not looking great so far, but ASU isn’t either. For personal reasons, ASU is my most despised PAC12 South team, so I’ll be staying up late and rooting for USC, and feeling really dirty for doing so.

FTF… oh never mind :frowning:

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Hitting players…how Woody Hayes of him.

Times have changed - for the better, of course - but, I witnessed the whack with the clipboard during the game and it occurred to me at the time, that the coach was lighting up a player to tell him to wake up and not get costly penalty yards during an already emotional game.
He was wearing a helmet and it’s a clipboard.

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A whole lotta nothing to me, but in this woke, cancel, snowflake world we now live in it will be hang’em high.

I think Washington isn’t happy with him as far as wins and losses. It has nothing to do with them being snowflakes and is entirely pretextual. If Washington was contending for a playoff spot, I doubt Lake would have been suspended.


I agree he’s not a very good coach. However, he wasn’t suspended for being a bad coach, that’s the issue I’m addressing. He grabbed his player by the face mask and pushed him back. Not worth all of the noise being made about it.

That’s just what we saw on tv during a game. Who knows if that’s just the default mode for his coaching style and there is aggression at other times and athletes have complained. We won’t know the whole story. Obviously they were tired of him (wins? behavior? other stuff?) and saw this as a way to get out and move on, perhaps a lot cheaper.

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The current opinion of Dawgfan regarding the University of Washington football program…


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