Still very early, 9 minutes left in 1Q.
Oregon has had 2 possessions. First on resulted in a near pick6, and Washington did score a TD.
Second results in UO FG.
Brown doesn’t seem like the QBs we’re accustomed to from Oregon. He’s no Justin Herbert.
Maybe they are vulnerable.

This game is nuts. Was that a safety?

I think the ball got out of the end zone, and he was pushed backwards. I think it should be overturned, but it wouldn’t be the first time the replay officials have blown a call.

Pac12 refs…

Loud crowds seem to rattle Oregon.

Good to know…

Ducks look completely out of control.

I really like RGIII as a color analyst. He does a fantastic job.

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What is that, the 6,000,000th review in the 1st half?

South Carolina leading Florida 30-10 at half, goodbye Dan Mullen

That’s too bad. I wanted to see a Mullen/Whitt matchup.

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So someone Ive followed for years since he made such waves in the NFL for speaking his mind, had this to say about the game:

Chris Kluwe, Irredeemable Pudgy Nobody




Who’s the freshman high school team wearing Oregon’s jerseys?"

wow 40-10 South Carolina over Florida

I’m not sure Mullen will make it home on Florida charter tonight

and Oregon St goes down to Colorado

Oregon State ties it at the buzzer. Going into OT.


Not so fast! 34 - 34 after first OT

I think the Utes can play with these guys.
We can run on them.

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Wow. Kid makes a 60 yard FG to send to OT then misses a 38 in 2nd OT.


Crazy finish to the Oregon State - Colorado game. #Pac12AfterDark


Wow, UW foes to punt on 4th and 10 for their own 10 as the long snapper gives UO a safety.

Jimmy Lake seems to be trying to get fired. The decision to punt is indefensible.