University of Utah research on UFO sightings

Looking at that map, I would venture to say that word has spread amongst the aliens that search for intelligent life can be avoided in the South.


Were the researchers names Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons?


The Utah researchers who published the paper are Geography faculty Richard Medina and Simon Brewer.


Since every top secret plane tested in the last 60 years has been tested over Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and California, this isn’t a surprise


Thoughts on the hotspot over the northeast?

They are visiting Stephen King. :wink:


That area has always been more highly defended by military aircraft due to the seat of both political and financial power.

It’s also, an area that has a large volume of aircraft in a small geographical area.

I didn’t read how far back they went, but that is the area the F-22 has been most heavily used.


I wish Utah would stay away from pseudoscientific nonsense. There is absolutely NO evidence that any alien visited this planet. As a science grad from Utah, I’m offended by this crap.


Did you read the paper?

Hey…if it weren’t for beer, and mankind’s love of it, our species would’ve likely died out. :wink:

We have no way to know conclusively our planet has never been visited by extraterrestrial beings. All we have is theoretical conjecture - both ways. To paraphrase something from Carl Sagan, given the size and vastness of the universe if we are the only life in it, it sure seems like a waste of space.

We’ve come a long way in explaining the unexplainable, and we’ve done it in less than a blink of an eye in the time of our universe. Who is to say beings on other worlds didn’t come up with an ability to traverse space and visit other planets quicker than us? There is a reason why we have a SETI budget, and someday we might end up contacting beings on another world.

Not betting on it happening anytime soon, but definitely betting on it.


Since my teens my standard reply to claims of Earth visitation by extra terrestrials has been; When they land at the halftime of the Rose Bowl (not the Super Bowl or during the World Series, it must be the Rose Bowl) then I will be among the believers, in the mean time, I’m a total skeptic.

Unusual claims require unusual evidence.

Possible topics for future discussion, the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch.

I retired 3 years ago from Combined Space Operations Center (CSpOC) located at Vandenberg Space Force Base. Among other things, one work center serves as the worlds premier authority for space domain awareness, responsible for tracking 90,000 objects in Earth orbit (90% of it junk), all the way out to geosynchronous orbit (~20,000 miles).


Here, I believe that you described in a way, the Fermi Paradox. At no point does Fermi say that aliens do not exist. He talks about time and distance being factors into why we don’t see evidence of aliens.

To borrow a phrase from X-Files: I want to believe. I just have to agree with Fermi about lack of evidence.


I really want there to be extraterrestrial life. But I haven’t seen any provable evidence of it. But I really hope there is advanced extraterrestrial life.


There exist religious traditions which posit that divine beings traveled here from other planets. The Vedas speak of innumerable planets created by desire alone. Scientology speaks of an alien diaspora. Other examples exist, some rather close to home.


Are you kidding!?!

10% of the posters here, HAVE to be extraterrestrial…. And I’m making no admission :grinning:


Speaking with a friend last eve, he put forth a theory as to why we have received no radio signals from extra-terrestrial intelligent life.

Perhaps, other planetary systems are aware that there is a predatory species roaming the cosmos, so they try to be as quiet and inconspicuous as possible, hoping to avoid the jaws of death.

We on the other hand send out maps to our home world with diagrams explaining our body structures, etc. Hey, you wanna hear some Beastie Boys?