Uniforms win percentage pac12 era

I was curious about what uniform combinations we have done better in than others. So i put together a spreadsheet of our win loss totals in the pac12 era. I wanted to see if the data was correct that we tend to not play well wearing white. The results were interesting. If you want a link to google sheets message me privately.

Three thoughts…

1st) You must have a lot of time on your hands. Thanks for doing this research!

2nd) It’s stunning how many different uniform combinations there have been in the last decade+. Was this a thing back in the past, or a purely modern phenomenon? The number of uniform changes that occur these days seems rather capricious. I guess it keeps the uniform managers interested.

3rd) The stats on the triple red combination seem good, let’s stick with that combo.

  1. You’re welcome and yes i had some time this week.
  2. Yes this is a modern phenomenon of different uniforms. Ever since we joined the pac12 and underarmor our uniforms went very exotic. Where traditionally it was solid red or all white red helmets.
  3. I agree my favorite combo too. It just looks good too.
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I don’t see how you can separate out the fact that most of the time they’re wearing white they’re playing a road game. You’ve got multiple variables that come into play but only considered one. In my experience that’s a good way to draw false conclusions.


While true we usually wear white while playing away. I wasn’t cherry picking away or home. Just the colors. If you want to dig into the home or away be my guest.

I don’t want to dig into it. I’m just saying uniform win percentages are a fact, but essentially not a relevant one.

Every party has a pooper. :slight_smile:

I think those battleship gray (which I think you have as silver) uniforms are the best looking ones I have seen. Those are great.


Though it’s starting to feel a little Whoregon with all the fashionista uniform combos and modified schemes, I get the kids think “dressing up” in a new, fresh uniform is fun.

The truth is, with the exception of a couple of god-awful unis we had for the Veterans Day game, they’ve all generally looked pretty good.


Haha whoregon is hilarious and true. Totally agree with those awful ones. Sometimes I’m like who thought this was a good look?


Here is the updated link with Home and Away. I think that while we have a nice variety of uniforms 23 is enough. That’s just my opinion. No need to go over the top.

I hope UA is paying Utah a ■■■■ ton of money for rolling out the annual fashion show.

As no one sells more gear than Notre Dame - and their outfits haven’t changed for as long as I can remember…ok get off my lawn! I’m old. I get it.


Occasionally they wear green jerseys.


I hope UA does. Seriously we have had a lot of combos. I’d prefer more classic or easier to identify that it is Utah playing.