Uniforms for tomorrow

Anyone have pics of the uniforms the boys will be wearing tomorrow? I remember someone used to post what they would be wearing.


Thanks !!!

I get the reason but I don’t love us in grey. That being said, those helmets are amazing!

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Better than just pictures, here’s the backstory on the design.
USS Salt Lake City Uniforms

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I literally got choked up watching this. May the Utes play inspired football.
Here’s to all the men & women who built her, sailed on it and sacrificed for the war against fascism.


This game (the veterans salute) can be a bit emotional for me. It isn’t so much that I served, I used to call my dad from the game so he could hear the band play “Anchors Aweigh.” He never wanted to come “freeze his ■■■ off to watch a game that I wasn’t playing in.” I think the no beer sales had more to do with it, but I digress. Every season since his passing that memory floods back, and I get choked up. I miss my dad.


I for one liked the uniforms a lot - and such a great tribute. Apparently lots of others did too:

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I loved the uniforms, what they represented, and the additional tributes they did on the video board and field.

It became de rigueur on Twitter for Ute fans to criticize them and say they are ugly. I feel like most of that was just following a few popular voices, or just a few who talk louder and longer than others.