Uniform versus Washington

A sneak peak at the uniform we’ll see from the Utes this Saturday, hopefully minus the wrist watch:

Great, white pants. We’re screwed for sure.


I’m genuinely a fan of any combination of Red or Black in all cases every week. NOT of white. Maybe I"m wrong, but I never feel as confident when we wear white. Plus men that big should simply never wear white. It’s also not a good look. And it gets dirty too easy. Some of our bigger losses I swear I remember we wore white.

Oh well I don’t get a say in the matter. White already picked. GO UTES (but please wear red or black next time).

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Does nobody observe the ‘no white pants after Labor Day’ rule anymore?


Is your preference the black pants with the white shirt, or red pants/white shirt?

Without a White anything.

I prefer RED because we are UTAH. IF we aren’t in red then black with red highlights. But I just don’t love white. I don’t wear white to the games…any games. I wear red unless it’s the blackout game. I don’t think we should have white unis. Let Penn State wear all the white.

How about this uni with a deep red version of this helm

And if we can’t wear all red then this is the only other option I 100% love

I like the all-blacks and all-reds too but since the Utes are the road team, they are expected to wear white jerseys.

So for this week, it’s a choice of what pants/helmet to use.

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I know but I hate that “tradition” or whatever it is…the NCAA doesn’t require it does it? I get the home team getting to call colors and wanting contrast but that shouldn’t be an issue with the Utes and Huskies.

I’d say Red pants (with red socks and shoes) if it came down to it. And as much red as we can fit on white shirts.

I say do whatever blends in with the end zone.


NCAA rule 1-4-5-b states that the visiting team must wear white. The rule specifies that exceptions can be made if the team gets written permission from the home team and if the conference certifies that the color contrasts enough with what the home team wears.

It’s a bit of a pain in the ass and that’s why we generally only see it in rivalry games where the colors are completely different (Utah-byu, USC-UCLA, etc.). So, instead, the Utes let the team/captains pick everything but the shirt when they are on the road.

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If we win - and we all hope we do - they’re going to look great


For those younger members of the board, there was a stretch when we were like 0 for something wearing white pants (either home or away). I suspect it had more to do with the athletes filling the pants than the color.


Had some big wins on whites as well. Sugar Bowl, for one (although with a red helmet).