Unforced errors in crunch time

Man, those are frustrating to watch. Especially the TOs. Maybe it’s just experience, but it sure seems like a typical bug in LK’s teams. A head scratcher.

And Allen is no guard. Horrible passes. Dribbling into trouble.

Only 10 TOs all game, but those late ones hurt bad.

Amazing that they forced OT without Jones after 2 1/2 minutes in. This was winnable.

All you have to do is force Allen to the left. Everyone has figured it out. Did you see that shot chart they showed midway through the 2nd half? Almost all makes on the right side, one barely left 18 ft jumper, and everything else a miss on the left. Biggest weakness in his game bar none.

The biggest weakness in his game is the outside shooting. If he had that, the right/left thing wouldn’t matter much.

And…that was an and-1 for Gach at the end.

I thought he was on the floor. I agreed with the call. Didn’t cost us the game.

If it happens in the first 39 minutes of the game, he gets the continuation. He was in his layup steps. Since it happened in the last 2 seconds, they chickened out.