Ugh, Eddie Van Halen died today

2020 smh

Hated his music (thanks to an overzealous Van Halen superfan roommate in college), but the guy’s impact and talent were undeniable.

Fun fact: “1984” was the first album I ever bought with my own money. My mom and dad made me return it to Fred Meyer when they saw the picture of the baby smoking on the cover.


1984 was/is my favorite album of theirs. I was in HS and wore that cassette out almost. In later life I had the chance to work with the band when I was at Ticketbastards and they were a nightmare. Maybe it was just their management but my goodness I was glad when that show came and left. Sad that Eddie passed away so young. RIP.


Amazing talent. Not just as guitarist but also pianists and overall musician.
I only really paid attention to Van Halen, Diver Down and 1984 but, his legacy is sealed


A few years ago I heard he was living in Park City. I wonder if he was still mostly a Utah resident.

What a talent.


Damn, another icon of my youth gone. Loved 1984, 5150 and OU812, the first real VH albums I really knew of as I grew up.

I’m so ready for 2020 to be over with: rona, election year histrionics, icons dying. Who cursed us with the “may you live in interesting times” curse?

I’m sure David Lee Roth and Sammy Haggar will fight over this too.

i remember going to the music store on 5400 S Redwood near the Mann Theaters the day 5150 came out. they had to open the box for me to get the cassette.

Same for ou812

Wore both of them out. Was glad to get the cd at graywhale later and then rip it to mp3


His ex wife Valerie Bertinelli lived in Park City but doesn’t any longer.


Though 1984 was their blockbuster album, I enjoyed the self-titled album better. RIP Eddie.


Johnny Nash passed away today too. Damn 2020 sucks.


also, Helen Reddy and Mac Davis over the last few days.

Jack White with an amazing tribute on SNL:


Good piece on Van Halen’s amazing talent.

Not totally, or even really, Eddie Van Halen, but this video came out just a day or two before he died and speculates how he would have done the solo to Stairway to Heaven. I found it pretty fun and interesting.

What if … Stairway to Heaven solos


I don’t think there’s ever been another musician who is generally regarded as one of the best ever at their craft yet their music is…well…Van Halen.

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