UCLA’s athletic department runs up a $18.9-million deficit for the 2019

See: UCLA's giant athletic department deficit has some Bruins followers seeing red

Interesting note: “UCLA spent $5.4 million for its (football team) meals under Kelly during the 2019 fiscal year, up from $997,000 just two years earlier”

Can we compete with this? Will we loose recruits because of UCLA’s training table largess and quality? Dear me!

WTF, Seriously!?!? What are they spending that money on? That is an absurd amount of money to feed, what, more or less 100 people for a year - SERIOUSLY?

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Money issues will soon be irrelevant, when D-i athletics is converted to full fledged professional sports.

p.s. - You ain’t seen nothing with respect to drop in attendance.

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$5.4 million on grub…and 3 to 5 wins a season…something tells me Chip 2.0 is about to get introduced to the exit after we stomp their asses in their house this season. Say what you will, but the only reason Chip had a winning record in Eugene was because of Mike Allioti’s success prior to Chip becoming HC, and Phil Knight’s money - period. Without those two factors, he gets rolled out of Eugene, too.


WOW! That’s a lot of chedda!