Tyler Huntley Looking like QB2 in B-more

People already bringing up this:

Utah becoming the Dual Threat QBU wouldn’t be a bad moniker to lean into.

He still got a way to go in getting his reads down against the speed of the NFL, but the truth is he was being talked about as a QB1 possibility for a number of teams last season…and those teams had better talent and assets than the Ravens.

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I assumed he was in the CFL.

Nope. He’s as @Greginslc said someone many teams will look at for QB1 trades. Just needs to keep developing.


Tyler started a bunch of games for Balt last year and did ok. Baltimore is so devoid of talent. I can see why Lamar wanted out. If Tyler keeps playing like he did and with Baltimore having better WR’s this year, he could get a shot to start somewhere in 2024.

Wait, wut? They are like 8th in talent on most sites that compare talent.

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Clearly you haven’t followed the NFL (or the CFL for that matter) at all the last three years. He’s been QB2 in Baltimore and had many memorable starts - both regular season and playoffs.