Tyler Huntley is really playing remarkably well. Watched the replay last night

I don’t think there were more than three decisions he made that may have been wrong.
Our receivers dropped some balls they shouldn’t have Tyler has really stepped into the role of leader

Side note. Josh Furlong has a good piece on Whitt Scalley and Ludwig worth a read

I personally think one of his biggest improvements has been the touch on his shorter passes. He used to try and laser every single pass, he seems to have more touch on his passes and has improved his accuracy.

If he can continue to improve his ability to read the D, work through his progressions he could have a bright future.


Considering how many catchable balls there have been dropped, his completion percentage is very impressive indeed. It’s been really nice to have confidence in a quarterback to make throws and I’m sure that is reflected in some of the play calling.

I honestly wonder where he’d be if he was 3 years into working Ludwig.


Everything I’ve heard is he and Taylor didn’t get along that well. The offense looks much smoother this year in terms of plays getting called in a timely manner, etc. more importsnntly though the players look like they enjoy playing in this offense they look poised confident and have an identity

While improved, I’m still concerned over WR’s dropping easy passes right into their chest. Two TD’s dropped against WSU. I’m not sure Holliday is the best man. Certainly an upgrade over ARod or whoever else we had before, but these drops concern me.

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