Tyler Huntley has a Crazy % of the Top Performances Nationally

Tyler has two of the top 15 QBR games this season, three of the top 40 and, four of the top 50 games so far this season (he holds 8% of the top 50 performances nationally so for this year):

QBR Performances this Season

89.4 for Huntley!! If you dig into that QBR info further, it shows how amazing Snoop has been this season. In fact of ALL quarterbacks in FBS since 2004, Huntley is putting up top-20 numbers.

Alex Smith had the second best QBR ever in the Mountain West Conference in 2004 (just behind Boise St.'s Kellen Moore and ahead of BYU’s John Beck in his best year), but it is still way behind Huntley’s this year at 84.5.

Huntley’s 2019 so far is the fourth best ever in the Pac-12 behind Andrew Luck, Marcus Mariota, and Khalil’s Tate’s amazing outlier 2017 that had some people prepared to give him the Heisman the next year, oops.

For context, the previous best season for a Utah QB was Travis Wilson in 2014 with a 64.7 rating (82nd place in conference since 2004).

Unlike NCAA Passer Efficiency, which uses only box score statistics, Total QBR accounts for what a quarterback does on a play-by-play level, meaning it accounts for down, distance, field position, as well as the clock and score. A 5-yard gain on third-and-4 is a good play, whereas a 5-yard gain on third-and-14 isn’t. A 20-yard touchdown pass when tied in the second quarter means more than a 20-yard touchdown pass when down 30 points late in the fourth quarter. QBR accounts for those things using analysis that turns traditional productivity into points on the scoreboard and wins in the standings.

It also accounts for a quarterback’s ability to scramble, his ability to run on designed rush plays, how well he avoids sacks, drawing and committing penalties, and all-important fumbles, which can be significant for quarterbacks.

In essence, it is the best metric widely used and very similar to the NFL’s rating system and it captures how extraordinary Huntley’s contributions have been to this magical season. Top 20 among every FBS QB in the last 15 years!


And yet, no real discussion of his performance nationally. I want to see the Utes to get into the CFP just for that reason, to hear why the media ignored one of the best QBs in the nation all season


Simply a hell of a performance every week. We are watching something special this year.

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For all the talk you hear about Joe Burrow, it’s pretty nuts that he only has one top 20 performance (19th at that). If Utah was undefeated I think you’d hear more Huntley for Heisman talk. Not saying he’d be a favorite, but his name would likely be brought up more often.


It’s been so damned nice that receivers, tight-ends and RB’s have all been catching the ball - not a lot of drops. Seems like we haven’t had this much consistency in a really long time. Props to those groups for getting separation and fighting for, and holding on to the ball.


Very true, good to have sure handed receivers, but also credit Huntley, he is throwing some damn nice balls. As I’ve said her in the past several weeks, I’m simply blown away by how good Huntley has become. It makes me a little bit sad he’s not getting more pub, but also happy that he is staying under the radar a bit. Sometimes the limelight can be more of a curse than a blessing.

I keep thinking that it is a real shame he didn’t have Ludwig coaching him for his entire Ute career. I’m not sure how much of his improvement this last year is his own hard work and dedication (he has certainly invested a lot of each) and how much is the result of the tutelage of a good offensive/QB coach.

In any case - it is spectacular watching his progress, and the result it’s having on our Ute’s 2019 season.